5 best blogs!

September 25, 2010

ATL Dance source

ATL Dance Source is a dance information and media source in Atlanta. Each week get the latest news on events, performances, and auditions happening in the city.

Click here to view their blog

The ATL Dance source blog is written by various people within the company. What I find best about this blog is not only that it provides people with audition and performance updates, but also promotes different dance events including companies, shows and performances that their target would be interested in.This promotion is free as the company uses their own thoughts and opinions to choose who and what they would like to talk about and why people should participate in what is being offered.
This is free advertising for certain companies and successfully provides more exposure for them.

The blog also gives reviews on certain performances and dance companies therefore it is written in a very informative way. Although it provides reviews it doesn’t critically analyse much, this could be to keep a supportive view of all they wish to talk about.

What i find interestingis also the different ‘spotlight’ sections they have which would definitely inspire me to something of the same nature, advertising different choreographers even dancers and other related businesses/companies or person(s) related to dance as a whole.

A Time to dance

The next blog i came across is one by a girl named Maria, see it here

She, much like myself, is interested in the topics of dance but mostly in terms of education and also the transformational power of dance (both physical and emotional).

In the blog she talks about he passion for dance and the difficulties she has extending her dance life to the fullest because of the life she leads, however finding a balance between the two compelled her to start the blog. I find this very inspiring as for most dancers, dance can’t be a well paid full time job, therefore we all need to find stable jobs and continue dancing on the side to fulfill our passions. The lucky few of us will find success in a well paid career in dance, the rest however will have to be content for the meantime. Finding balance between different aspects of our lives is very hard, what are we suppose to focus most of our time on? But that will be discussed in following posts.

The way Maria writes in her blog is very personal as she discusses different places shes been to and things she has seen that has interested her as a dancer. She posts up videos to give her audience a taste of what she has experienced. She also, much like ATL, discusses and reviews different dance companies and performances which she has found to be worthy. This also improves these certain companies exposure, however she does critically analyse some performances and if she has something negative to say, she no doubt will say it.

Dance.com, which can be found if you click here , is edited by Lindsay Dreyer however is written by a number of professional dancers. Each blog post are reviews on almost everything dance related, from choreography down to the costumes dancers wear. As it is written by a number of various professionals it gives readers a very broad view on everything that is discussed. I find that to be a good feature as because there are many view points on certain topics there can’t be much bias. What I don’t particularly like about the blog however, is that some posts can be read to be slightly stuck up without constructive criticism.
There are also different profiles for the bloggers on the site so people can have a read about them, their lifestyles and careers that they have had in dance.

This is a good trait of the blog as it inspires other people who are dancers or are interested in getting into the scene to get out there and endorse themselves.

Danciti is an alternative media source for New York City dance.
Click here to view the blog.

The Blog does not name an individual blogger so we can assume it is written by different members of the company. It discusses whats hot in the dance scene and also whats not. This is a very opinionated blog with reviews supporting certain projects, and of course the opposite. They pride themselves in delivering and posting news which is:

1. Current

2. Relevant

3. Concise

In other words, they rather get straight to the point rather than waffling on politely.

The blog fires back at people who have criticized dancers in a humorous way so that it is not to be seen as too ‘rude’ and has strong opinions on almost everything related to dance.
The good thing about this blog is that because it is highly opinionated, to be named or spoken about in a positive light would be very comforting. You would think people out there within this industry would WANT to be spoken about here in order to be known or regarded as worthy.

Kiner Enterprises. click here to view this blog

Ashani Mfuko is a social media strategist for dance studios, the CEO/President of Kiner Enterprises Inc., a professional dancer/dance instructor, dance writer, and the founder of Kiner Dance Studio Success, the first online social media success resource center for dance studios, founded in 2010.

Her dance articles and tips have been featured on dancebloggers.com, danceadvantage.net, the dance.com blog, the 4dancers.org blog, as well as the Grosh Backdrops and Backdrops Beautiful blogs.
Her blog provides social media marketing tips and biz advice for dance studio owners and dance professionals.

She uploads videos of herself, in other words VLOGS discussing various topics as well including her thoughts on the winners of America’s best dance crew. The blog is written in a professional way which can be seen through her choice of words, unlike other blogs you can tell she has marketing experience. However she does personalize the blog allowing her readers to connect with her by using language like ‘My Own’ and “I hope to ..” etc. It gives readers the idea that although she has been successful in her career she still has time to talk to the ‘little’ people, she seems down to earth and would be easy to get along, or work with.

I like that within her blog she puts inspiring quotes here and there to motivate and encourage people to do what they love and helps them build careers by first starting off with suggestions on what to do with free online promotion such as social networks.


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